September 2015 - Digital City Marketing

What is Foil Stamping?

Have you ever seen a book or a business card that has a shiny effect and think “wow that looks fancy”, well this is known as “ Foil Stamping”.  Foil stamping has become increasingly popular as it highlights the area that you want to pop out at your audience. Many companies have hugely benefited from foil stamping [...]

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Choosing Between Digital Printing & Offset Printing

The first thing you need to do is determine which type of printing is best for your job. The best way of doing this is looking at both printing techniques and their advantages. Advantages of Digital Printing: Digital printing technology has increased immensely over the years. It is more accurate in every print replicating the [...]

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Catalog Printing Tips

Your products are unique and there is nothing better than a catalog to showcase them and their USP. Businesses have used catalogs for years to market their products and services. There are studies that show how in comparison to other marketing tools, catalogs are retained by customers and not discarded. Catalogs usually are quite attractive [...]

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Presentation Folder Printing In NYC

Presentation folders are a necessity for all types of businesses, be it advertising, manufacturing, health care, finance, education, marketing and others. An attractive and well-designed presentation folder projects a favorable image of your business and services. The client may retain your presentation folder if it looks professional and tasteful. Therefore, it is important that you choose [...]

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Digital Foil Stamping Machine in NYC

Digital City Marketing is proud to announce our newest, Digital Foil stamping machine. Our foil-stamping machine will print on paper, plastic and leather. This method of foil stamping is cost effective for long, short and personalized runs. Unlike traditional “foil stamping” our machine eliminates the set-up cost of, dies, screens, inks, clichés and solvents. The turnaround time [...]

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Real Estate Printing

REAL ESTATE PRINTING NYC Having an effective real estate printing strategy to market your unique set of services then becomes crucial to your company’s success. Visibility then becomes a key element when targeting your audience and positioning your brand in the market. It distinquishes your firm from other competitors in the industry. Choose from [...]

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Industrial And Manufacturing Printing

Industrial & Manufacturing Printing DCM is your premiere source for industrial and manufacturing printing communications. At DCM, we have years of experience servicing an extensive range of clients in the industrial and manufacturing community. DCM offers a comprehensive suite of high quality print media at a competitive price.  Our manufacturing and industrial printing solutions [...]

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Educational Printing

Educational Printing DCM is your one stop source for all your educational printing projects. From teacher’s planners, organizers, manuals, to exercise books and record books, we are committed to providing you with high quality printed educational material tailored to your classroom’s needs. At DCM, our customer service specialists will handle your job from start [...]

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Fashion Printing

Fashion Printing / Luxury Printing NYC Look no further when you choose DCM for all your fashion printing solutions. Time is of the essence.  Whether you have a rush job from lookbooks to postcards or from posters to signage, rest assured with fashion printing from DCM. With our years of experience, our highly skilled team will assist [...]

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