Digital Printing NYC

Digital Printing Services NYC

We are proud to offer HP Indigo Digital Printing Services from our Midtown Manhattan Location. We offer same day Digital Printing using our 2 state of the art HP Indigo Presses. One of the most important advantages that digital printing offers, is a speedy turn around time. Thanks to the minimal press setup and built in multi-color registration, lengthy processes are eliminated without any compromise in quality.

Our industry leading HP Indigo press is perfectly suited for short runs, multi page documents and variable data printing. Each printed piece can have individual information printed on plain text or photos that are driven from an external database or spreadsheet. This provides personalization and customization unmatched by other processes.

Digital Printing NYC-HP Indigo Digital Press

Short Run Printing , also known as digital printing on demand is a printing technology in which small amount of copies of a book (or document) are printed as needed.  Printing few copies of books of documents becomes more expensive and time consuming with the traditional methods of printing like Letterpress and Offset Printing. Thus, these lithographic printing technologies gave way to digital printing. The development of digital printing in turn led to the birth of Short Run Printing. Short Run Printing is today used by a majority of educational publishers such as university presses. These publishers utilize short run printing for backlists and, or printing their publications. Some large publishers use few to gauge the market trends and demands, while others utilize it to reprint old titles that are no longer been published.

Why all Digital Printing is not the Same

Our HP Indigo press out performs other digital presses on the market. It is the only press that uses an offset process similar to litho. The HP Indigo uses water based inks, not toner that you would get off of a copier. It also offers the most consistent color reproduction and the widest range of available media to print on. The look and feel of the highest quality conventional printed job.

Why print on HP Indigo Digital Press?

  • Economy

With no setup costs, unlike traditional printing, businesses can print small quantities of Books, Annual Reports and Manuals more cost effectively on demand.

  • Green and Eco Friendly

The on demand nature of digital printing allow efficient technologies used on our Indigo press. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly printing than offset or litho printing.

Every copy can be customized to include unique content, such as the customer’s name, unique discount codes and even images. Personalized marketing has been shown to improve the response rate because people are more likely to engage with content that is relevant to them.

  • High Quality

Unlike most Digital Printing, the quality produced by our HP Indigo press is almost indistinguishable from traditional toner based products mostly used by Xerox, Canon, Nexpress to namea few.

  • Flexibility of Short Run

Literature can be updated regularly. In a fast moving, constantly changing world our digital printing allows you to produce shorter runs as you need them.

Short Run Digital Printing

If you want to have most sought after printing, then nothing can be better than short run printing. Offset printing will be always the choice when it comes to bulk printing. However, it will be the perfect complement for short run printing since it covers all printing options that are not available with offset style printing. Here are some of its characteristics and advantages listed:

  • Save on printing cost

Short Run Printing method is a direct implemented printing method, and you do not need to go through a complicated process of creating pattern, film stripping and color separation. Files only need to pass into a computer which transfers data straight to the machine for printing. This allows you to print material without paying for materials.

  • Print only what you want to have

While offset printing style allows you an advantage of paying less when you are ordering in bulk, Short Run Printing allows to place your order in small quantity. This system puts less stress on pocket. Before short run print system, you have no choice because you would need to pay for prints as well as the cost of every producing plate and die.

  • Fast service

One of the advantage of not going through Short Run Printing is that you save valuable time and allows print to be printed at a fast speed. Color formation system of this one is quite different from that of orthodox one. When you printing in this style, colors are sprayed directly on top of paper and then properly coated with an aqueous finish touch.

All these advantages make short run system a perfect option for printing.