Canvas Printing NYC

Digital City Marketing is a premier Canvas NYC Printing Company. Turn your favorite moments into a work or art. From family pictures to fine art, Digital City will turn your memories into an timeless piece. Our quality Canvas`s can last up to 100 years while maintaining color, light, shape and shadow. Digital City can stretch, staple onto a wood frame, mounted on gator, foam board or just print on canvas paper.

For more information and pricing please call 212-244-1254

Type`s of Canvas Printing we offer

  • Canvas standard wrap 0.75”
  • Canvas Gallery wrap 1.5”
  • Heavy White back Canvas up to 126”
  • Heavy Yellow back Canvas up to 126”
  • Artex soft Canvas up to 196”
  • Heavy ultra cotton up to 196”



Canvas Printing


Canvas Printing


Canvas Printing


Canvas Printing


Canvas printing is the most common form of gallery printing. Material used for canvas printing is cotton. These days, many alternatives like plastic is rapidly replacing cotton.

Quality canvas printing can last up to 100 years. Printing can be done in both ways stretched or outstretched. The benefit of stretched type of canvas is that you do not have to wrap it on the frame. Unwrapped canvas can be easily shipped from one place to other.

As far as stretched canvas print is concerned then it can be classified into three groups:

  1. Stretched Edge canvas printing: A pixel from edge is totally stretched so that it can give a blurred color. Color gets so much blurred that its identification is not an easy job from original color.
  2. Mirror Stretch printing: If the image has background of landscape, then it can be wrapped in a way that the edge appears as a continuation of front image.
  3. Multiple wrap: Printing is overlapped on wrap so that when wall is accessed from a side, it all appears like a single image.

There is no doubt that printing has vigorously changed over the last few years and we will see some more improvements in near future with advancement of technology.