Vinyl Mesh Banner Printing

Digital City Marketing is a professional custom mesh banner printing company in NYC. We provide same day rush printing. Conveniently located on West 40th street, New York, NY 10018. Vinyl Mesh Banners

Our vinyl mesh banners are an ideal solution for outdoor display when wind and weather
related conditions are involved.  They are suitable for the display of enormous images
and can be draped across the front of buildings. Although they may cover windows, the mesh
vinyl material will still allow sunlight to pass through. They can even act as protective barriers
in scaffolding areas.


Vinyl Mesh Printing

Vinyl Mesh Banner Printing

Vinyl Mesh Material


Vinyl Mesh Material

• Material is cost effective and lightweight
• Banners can be printed seamlessly on one side up to 196” long
• Mesh banner material is designed with small holes
• DCS offers several air flow options (37% air-flow, 50% air-flow or 25% air-flow)
which will disperse wind and allow wind to dissolve through the material.
• Wind dispersion enables banner to be used in all kinds of weather conditions

Some important questions to be answered before you order:

• How large do you need your vinyl banner?
We can produce any banner from 1 ft. to a maximum of 1000 ft.

• What is the banner being attached to?
(Examples sheetrock, brick wall, stucco, fence…)

• How long will the banner be outdoors?
Some of our banners are designed for a 1-2 year life span while others can last up to 10 years.

•How will the banner be attached?
Choose from our selection materials: metal rods, pvc rods, bungee cords, wire tie, screws with washers etc…
We can also make grommets and pole pockets.

• We recommend reinforced webbing on the edge of where grommets are installed for banners that will be
exposed to high wind conditions and pressure. This is an extra ounce of prevention so that grommets will not
rip out under high wind pressure. (Add additional $3.00 / linear foot)