Window Display Printing NYC

Digital City Marketing is a professional custom window display printing company in NYC. We provide same day rush printing. Conveniently located on West 40th street, New York, NY 10018. Transform your windows into premium advertising space when you use one-way vision film (perforated vinyl). This special film allows graphics to be seen on one side and offers a clear unobstructed view through the glass from the interior. Your window space can now become a highly effective marketing vehicle where you can explore a variety of promotional and advertising projects. This versatile product makes it ideal for outdoor advertising, decals for vehicle windows and even point of purchase signage.

Here’s your opportunity to create a lasting visual impact on your audience and maximize your branding. Take your marketing endeavors to the next level with window display printing at Digital City Marketing.

Rush Window Display printing Product Specifications:

• 54” x 164’ (Maximum print size 53” x 150’)
• 60” x 164’ (Maximum print size 59” x 150’)

One Way Vision Characteristics:

• Perforated vinyl is washable and waterproof

• Film is durable and lasts up to 3 years

• 7 mil white vinyl designed with a removable adhesive which allows seeing through window from the inside

• Can be used on either curved or flat window surfaces and be removed cleanly after a year

• No special glue required when applied to outside of window; Vinyl film is self adhesive

• 50% open area, Perforated 50% printable area, 1 mil poly liner

* Treated with mildew resistant chemicals, moisture resistant and UV fade resistant