offset printing

Offset Printing NYC

Digital City NYC offers top-quality offset printing in New York City. We are able to do this very inexpensively because we use state-of-the-art Computer To Plate (CTP) technology. CTP methodology transfers digital data directly from the computer onto the printing plates being used on the press. Using CTP there is no need to produce film, strip and shoot plates. This print technology is highly innovative and very effective for high volume runs since the more you print, the lower the per-unit cost.

We have the equipment and capability to produce any job requiring a large print run, from annual reports, brochures, catalogs, magazines, point of sale displays, postcards, posters, presentation folders, product packaging, to office stationery and more.

What You Need to Know about Offset Printing

In offset printing the inked image is offset (or transferred) from a printing plate to what’s called a “blanket” and then onto the surface. This requires tremendous skill and attention to detail. We use state-of-the-art Heidelberg equipment made in Germany, known across the world for the quality of their workmanship. Our team has wide-ranging experience producing top quality marketing materials with the ultimate in definition, color matching and reproduction.

Large Orders with Quick Turnaround

Digital City can offer a quick turnaround on large high-volume orders, which most offset printing companies cannot deliver on. In any offset printing job, planning in advance is vital. However, this is not always easy. Businesses in New York City that have worked with us know that we can come through when we promise. Digital City is among a very few New York City printers who continue to offer offset printing from midtown Manhattan, which gives us an advantage.

We can accept orders that others wouldn’t dare to and offer a fast turnaround due to our methodology. You can give us an order for 10,000 to 100,000 prints or even more and we can easily take care of the order within 2 – 3 business days, depending on the exact quantity and what we already have scheduled.

Crisp Vibrant Colors

Although offset printing is not a new method, it still produces the most vibrant crisp colors of any printing method. If you are concerned about the quality of your print job, Digital City NYC stands by offset printing as your best option.

Consistently High Quality

Many printing runs start off well enough, but after awhile the printing plates or the ink begins wearing out. Unfortunately this degrades the quality of the overall print run and it will be noticed on large print runs. Customers of Digital City do not need to worry about this, as the quality will remain consistently high throughout their entire order.

Custom PMS Color Matching

We have the ability to custom match colors to your particular brand by using the highly innovative Pantone Matching System (PMS). Maintaining brand identity is very important, so we understand that your marketing and promotional materials must be printed to match. This is the only way to ensure brand awareness and broad customer recognition.

Digital City uses CTP offset printing processes to increase productivity and reduce waste. This works out economically for large runs, and offers higher consistency and quality throughout since it avoids the risk of possible human error.